ASTRA: Knights of Veda Knight's Missions

Knight’s Mission Guide

Knight's Missions are the daily quest equivalent in ASTRA: Knights of Veda. Up to two out of four can be collected up every day at 6 AM UTC (11 PM PDT) from Licorice in Todburg.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda Knight's Missions

Daily Completion Reward

Talk to Licorice in Todburg Village to receive daily knight's missions.
Collect additional rewards upon completing 2 Knight's Missions in the Mission Menu.

Reward Set

  • You can take another reward set if you change quest location in top menu.
  • You can farm weapon and accessory mats in the Spider dungeon.

Knight's Mission Objectives

  • Recommended
  • Good
  • Situational
  • Not Recommended
NPCNPC NameKnight's MissionObjectiveShoes UsageCo-opMaterialsApostle
ElossaTracks of the ancient timeClear the "(Stage X-12)"20
GundirNew equipmentDefeat monsters using knights with (equipment)10
Lionel LiongrayTemporary reconnaissance teamEliminate an "Undead" type monster10
Vito FontaineSecure emergency suppliesDestroy the "Vein" for supplies (last hit)10
Elita FontaineElita's requestEliminate the intruding mutant undead, "Apostles" for materials10
Lillian VivieneFlavorful cookingEliminate a "Beast" type monster10
PielStepping stones of loveEarn the "Undead Stone" at the quest stage10
Betty RoxyFlower garden againEliminate a "Spore" type monster10
Demona FennigoldDemona's worryEliminate the final boss in (stage 6)10
Finar JohannesKnight's honorClear the "(Created Stage)"10
HimithInteresting memory
Uber PalmerRemarkable skill
EleonoraWarm heart

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