5/17 Patch Announcement


Masters of the Book,


A patch was released that will address the following issues. In order for the patch to be downloaded and applied to your game, please make sure to restart the game.


■ Unscheduled Patch Announcement

 - Date: 5/17 08:17 AM UTC, 5/17 01:17 AM PDT

 - Patch Details

   - Fixed an issue where matchmaking is not canceled even after exiting the arena screen after starting a Showdown or Survival match search.

   - Corrected a display error showing the wrong number of additional rewards from Hero's Shoes in the 'Veda’s Return' screen during the 'Elita's Request' mission.

   - Fixed an issue where certain UI elements display incorrectly when directly moving to Arena Survival from the weekly mission without first entering the arena screen after logging into the game.


■ Notes

 - If your game is not updated, content that requires other players (Co-op, Arena) may be problematic. Please make sure to restart the game to download the patch before engaging in these contents.


Thank you


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