ASTRA: Knights of Veda Reward Decree

Reward Decree Daily Mission Guide

The Reward Decree is the battle pass system equivalent in ASTRA: Knights of Veda where you can complete quests in order to obtain extra rewards. Daily Missions refresh daily at 06:00 AM UTC.

DayReward DecreeRequirementsBest Knight's MissionNPCAvailable Farms
MondayActivate the Overflowing Power of the Stars 3 time(s)N/AN/A
TuesdayEliminate a "Wild Beast" type monster 10 times• Flavourful cooking VI
• Elita's request V
• Stepping stones of love V
• 6-4(A)
• 6-2(A)
• 5-7(A)
• 5-6
• N5>N6
WednesdayActivate Signature skill 10 times(s)Signature skill castsN/AN/A
ThursdayEliminate a "Spores" typeFlower garden again (All)• 7-8(A)
• 6-9
• 4-8
FridayDestroy 5 vein(s) of ore. Last hit to count.
• Elita's request VII
• New equipment VII
• Flower garden again VII
• Demona's worry VII
• Stepping stones of love VII
• 7-8(Ab)
• 7-9(Ad)
• 7-10
• 7-6
• N(All)
SaturdayWin 1 times in Arena "showdown"N/AN/A
SundayEliminate a "Apostle" type monster 1 times• Elita's request VII (100%)
• Stepping stones of love VII (not 100%)
• 7-8(AbAd)
• 7-7(AfAb)
• 7-5(AfAd)

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