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Sword of Waves Ellen Farrell character details and best build guide.

"I am responsible for lives"

A boy who had learned the weight of life at a young age hated his weakness. Not wanting to lose innocent lives in vain, all he could do was try. As always, he will continue to put his all into betterment, however slight. After all, even the weak can become strong and protect those weaker than themselves…

A Boy Knight wielding the Training Sword of Life

"Ellen Farrell" is a Water-type melee DPS with a greatsword. He uses his long reach and attacks to gain the "Wave" buff and consumes stacks of "Wave" for powerful attacks. His Normal Skill, "Training Sword of Life", allows him to leap at enemies and bring down his greatsword, then unleash a fan-shaped blast of water energy to keep both melee and ranged enemies at bay. His Signature Skill, "Sword of Waves", unleashes accumulated "Wave" stacks at once for a devastating DMG

Sword of Waves Ellen Farrell Character Details

Basic Information

Height150 cm
Weight45 kg
Date of Birth December 29th
BirthplaceTitans Empire
AffiliationNo Affiliation
Power of the StarsWater

Stats at Level 90

Veda Energy240

Enhance Fate

Fate LevelWater DMG BonusEffect
1 14.58%Increases the Water energy prongs of [Training Sword of Life] from 3 to 5 and the effect of [Rush of Waves] form 10% to 15%.
2 15.66%When [Wave] superposition is obtained, an additional 1 superposition is obtained, and the attack speed per superposition is increased by 0.7%.
3 16.74%[Sword of Waves] skill level +3.
4 17.82%Increases the stacks of [Wave] to max 15 stacks with an additional 1% ATK per stack.
5 18.90%[Training Sword of Life] skill level +3.
6 19.98%Increases the stacks of [Wave] to max 20 stacks and consumes 1 [Wave] stack to increase All DMG dealt from 10% to 20% of ATK.


Skill priority: 1 → 2 → 3 or 2 → 1 → 3 depending on preference.

Normal Attack: Wave Slash

Swings the greatsword 4 times, dealing Water DMG. Gains the [Wave] effect upon hitting an enemy.

Strong Attack: Water Swirl

Gathers chi to spin and attack enemies with a massive greatsword, dealing Water DMG. Ellen Farrell can move while gathering chi, and the [Lasso of Currents] effect is granted during the process. Causes more spins and attacks based on the level of chi collection. Each hit will consume 1 stack of [Wave] and deal additional DMG from the [Wave Explosion] effect.

Dash Attack: Sea Wind Strike

Swings the greatsword at an enemy in front, dealing Water DMG. Gains the [Wave] effect on a successful hit and jumps up and strikes an enemy with an upward slash, dealing Water DMG. Also gains the [Wave] effect upon hitting an enemy with an upward slash.

Normal Skill: Training Sword of Life

After jumping up, lower the sword and take a picture of it to inflict [water] attribute damage. The sword of three strands of water extends in a fan shape to the position of the lowered sword, inflicting [water] attribute damage. When you strike an enemy with a sword, you get two effects: [Wave], and give the hit enemy the [Rush of Waves] effect.

Signature Skill: Sword of Waves

In a movement that resembles the flexibility of water, swing the sword 4 times and cause damage to the nature of [water]. If an attack is successful in the third attack, it lands and strikes the sword to trigger the fourth attack with 3 strokes. The first three attacks consume one overlap of [wave] each time they strike the enemy, and the last attack consumes all the [wave] overlaps. Each superposition consumed inflicts additional damage through the effect [Wave Explosion].

Dodge Skill: Rolling

Dodges the enemy's ATK by rolling.

Character Review

Building the Wave: Ellen's core mechanic revolves around the [Wave] effect. By landing normal attacks or using general skills, Ellen accumulates [Wave] stacks. Each stack grants a 0.5% (at Fate Level 0) increase to his own damage output, stacking up to 10 times. You can easily monitor your current [Wave] stacks next to Ellen's character icon on the screen.

Unleashing the Power: The accumulated [Wave] stacks aren't just for show. They also amplify the damage of Ellen's strong attacks and his signature skill, Sword of Waves. This signature skill consumes all accumulated [Wave] stacks, but rewards you with a massive damage boost in the final stage thanks to the [Wave Explosion] effect. This synergy allows Ellen to unleash devastating burst damage and naturally deletes the enemy boss.

A Great Choice for New Players: Sword of Waves Ellen is an excellent character for new players, especially those lacking strong on-field damage dealers like Edward or Arin. His self-buffing mechanics, achieved through his auto-attacks, normal skill, and signature skill, allow him to significantly increase his own damage output without relying on dedicated support characters like Atterisee. However, for players who already have a well-established DPS unit, Ellen might not be a must-have addition. In short, you can skip the current banner: Wave of Life.

Recommended Build

Best WeaponWave of Life (Signature Weapon)
Greatsword of Embrace
Sasha's Peace
Best RingAdonay's Ring
• Ignore DEF%
• Attack SPD%
Best NecklacePristine Diamond
• Reduce All Incoming DMG%
• Veda Energy Regeneration%
Best Relic Set• Legendary Oceanographer (Water DMG goes BOOM!)
• Silent Slave Knight (CRIT build is too good to not consider)
• Eccentric Magician (More ATK SPD more [Wave] stacks!)
• 4-Star: Eternal Graveyard or Lonely Assassin

Relic Stats

Relic PartMain Stats and Sub Stats
Knight’s MemoriesMain: Flat ATK (fixed)
Sub: ATK %, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, CRIT Chance % or CRIT DMG %.
Core BeliefsMain: Stamina (fixed)
Sub: ATK %, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, CRIT Chance % or CRIT DMG %.
Last BreathMain: ATK %
Sub: ATK %, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, Ignore DEF Rate %
Blood DeterminationMain: Water DMG Bonus%
Sub: ATK %, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, CRIT Chance % or CRIT DMG %.
Tears of SadnessMain: CRIT Chance % or CRIT DMG % (If you have good CRIT Chance sub-stats)
Sub: ATK %, Veda Energy %, Reduce Veda Energy Consumption %, Ignore DEF Rate %


Considering Ellen's effectiveness in clearing out minor enemies through close-range combat (this character's AoE damage via Training Sword of Life is decent) and facilitating quick team swaps for sustained damage with ranged units like Aurora, our initial tier placement for him leans towards A Tier. Ellen is quite good in longer fights and can dish out some big numbers when those [Wave] stacks are on a roll. But, again... Sword of Waves Ellen is not a MUST HAVE character if you already have other strong DPS knights.

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