’War of the Gods’ Event Details

Master of the Book,

The Battlefield of the War Gods has been unveiled so you can experience the day Veda, the Goddess of War, descended.

Utilize a total of 5 Knights of Veda to destroy the opposing camp and obtain various rewards such as Legendary-grade Halos, Radiance, Starstones, and more.

■ Event Period
* June 13, 2024 After the Maintenance ~ July 11, 2024 Maintenance

■ How to Participate
* You can participate in the "Battlefield of the War Gods" through the event section of the "Guidance of the Book" screen after unlocking the "Guidance of the Book" and "War of the Gods" contents.

■ Notes
* "Battlefield of the War Gods" becomes available by completing the world mission "Battlefield of the War Gods", which can be undertaken after clearing stages 3-12.
* Rewards received will be immediately delivered to your in-game inventory.
* Rewards not claimed within the event period will be lost.
* For more details regarding the event, you can check the <Event Policy> page.
Thank you.


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