6/13 Patch Details

Masters of the Book,

A new update to ASTRA: Knights of Veda will be released on June 13, 2024! Read below to find out more about what this update will bring to the game. 

■ Update
- New 5★ Knight of Veda, ‘Vesti’ will be available.

"Ha! I guess it's finally my turn!"

If you want to find her, just look down. You'll always spot Vesti lying on the floor, lazily passing the time. However, something motivates Vesti, transforming her. Why do it today when there’s always “tomorrow?” she always thinks. But for once, she decides to do it “today.”

- Vesti is an Earth-type Ranged DPS wielding a Staff, but she mostly gives a good kicking ATK to enemies with flying jars.
- Normal Skill “Take This!” throws a massive jar and triggers explosions.
- Signature Skill “Ground Slam” sends a massive jar crashing to the ground in mid-air, dealing heavy DMG. When using both Normal and Signature Skills, additional DMG can be dealt if the installed jars are still on the ground

■ New Content: 'Battlefield of the War Gods'
- 'Battlefield of the War Gods' is a new PVP mode where you battle on a recreated battlefield of Veda's descent with her guards.
- In this mode, you can form a team of up to 5 Knights of Veda to engage in 5 vs. 5 automatic battles against another player's defense team.
- Once the battle begins, your Knights will fight automatically, and you cannot control them manually during the fight.
- You can earn initial rank achievement rewards and daily rank rewards, and with the rewards obtained, you can acquire the new equipment 'Halo.'
- To access 'Battlefield of the War Gods,' you need to complete the World Mission 'Battlefield of the War Gods,' which is available after clearing Adventure Dungeon 3-12. You can then enter through the new NPC 'Baldur' in Todburg Village.

■ New Equipment 'Halo'
- 'Halo' is a new item that symbolizes the glory given by the goddess to Veda's guards, enhancing the abilities of the Knights of Veda.
- Knights of Veda can equip 'Halo,' which boosts their abilities when worn.
- You can obtain 'Halo' through Radiance, which is earned from the Guidance of the Goddess 'Mark of the Sworn Loyalty.'
- Radiance can be earned as a reward from the new content 'Battlefield of the War Gods' and can also be exchanged in the Support Shop and the Exchange Starstones section in the shop.
- The 'Halo' you possess can be equipped by clicking the arrow-shaped button at the bottom right of the Book screen, where the 'Halo' section will be displayed.
- In the Halo equipment screen, you can hide the appearance of the equipped Halo through the settings at the bottom left.
- With the addition of the new equipment 'Halo,' new achievements will be added. Achieve these milestones by obtaining and enhancing the Halo to earn Starstones.

■ New Event: 'Black Mutation'
- The new event 'Black Mutation' is a PVE event that takes place in the 'Black Mutation' area where mysterious black energy rises from the ground in the adventure dungeon.
- During the 'Black Mutation' event, you can observe anomalies in specific adventure zones every four days.
- When entering an area affected by the Black Mutation, a team of four Knights of Veda will begin the battle simultaneously.
- During the battle, only one Knight of Veda can be controlled, while the other three will fight automatically.
- In the 'Black Mutation' area, the amount of Adventurer's Boots consumed when receiving rewards is halved, and exclusive Black Mutation trophies are additionally awarded.
- The 'Black Mutation' event will end after the regular maintenance on Thursday, July 11

■ New Event: 'Mark of the Sworn Loyalty'
- In the 'Mark of the Sworn Loyalty' event, you can use the Radiance obtained from the new content 'Battlefield of the War Gods' to acquire 'Halo.'
- During the event, you can get attribute-specific 'Halo' and 'Halo enhancement materials.' You can also obtain a special signature Halo for the new Knight of Veda, 'Vesti,' but only for a limited time.
- The 'Mark of the Sworn Loyalty' event will be updated after the scheduled maintenance on Thursday, June 27

■ New Event: ‘War of the Gods’
- Participate in the event while the new content 'Battlefield of the War Gods' is ongoing and earn various rewards.
- The 'War of the Gods' event will end after the scheduled maintenance on Thursday, July 11

■ New Event: ‘Heavenly Light, Halo’ Mission Event
- The 'Heavenly Light, Halo' event will end after the scheduled maintenance on Thursday, July 25

■ ‘Journey in Memory (Vesti)’ Event
- During this “Journey in Memory” event, you can try out the 5★ Character Vesti, 4★ Capecchi and 4★ Marthel.
- This event will be active until the regular maintenance on Thursday, June 27.

■ Adjustments to Calydon Dungeon and the Forgotten Mine
- Calydon Dungeon and the Forgotten Mine will no longer appear through lost items and will be accessible at all times.
- Calydon Dungeon will be permanently located in Adventure Zone 2 (Chapter 2 - Plagued Dark Forest) , and the Forgotten Mine will be permanently located in Adventure Zone 3 (Chapter 3 - Abyssal Cavern of Cultists).
- You can enter each dungeon up to 3 times per day, with rewards increased by 1.5 times compared to before.
- The daily entry limit resets at 11 PM (PDT) / 6 AM (UTC) every day.

■ Quality of Life Improvements
- The animation time for automatic enchantments and socket creation has been improved to be twice as fast as before.
- A 'Quick Emoticon' feature will be added to facilitate easy communication with other Masters of the Book during co-op play.
- A feature will be added to allow the use of strong attacks during auto-battle.

■ General Balance
- The "active resistance" for Knights of Veda who use melee weapons will be increased by 40% compared to before. Reverse active resistance remains the same.
- The time during which Knights of Veda who use melee weapons are staggered when hit while sprinting will be reduced by 75% compared to before.
- The delay before the next action after dodging for melee attack Knights of Veda will be reduced.
- When resistance is triggered by an enemy's attack, movement control skills (e.g., Xanthia's signature skill [Event Horizon]) will be improved to provide a certain amount of protection against skills of the same element that hinder movement.
- Emergency evasion will now be allowed after a certain period of time when exposed to Xanthia’s Signature Skill [Event Horizon].

■ Arin
* The delay of the third and fourth attacks in the normal attack [Shadow Slash] will be reduced by 28.5% compared to before.
* The hit range of the normal attack [Shadow Slash] will be increased by approximately 14% vertically.
* The activation condition for [Death's Grip] with the normal skill at Fate 2 will be reduced from requiring 4 hits to just 3 hits for additional damage. Additionally, the damage will be increased from 42% to 63%, enhancing the overall damage effect of the normal skill.
* The damage for [Death’s Grip] at Fate 2 will be increased from 42% to 63%.

■ Edward
* Using the signature skill [Time for Punishment] will now apply a 10% Damage Reduction buff, allowing for more aggressive play. 
* After using the signature Extend skill [Wounds of Flames], you will be able to attack again more quickly.

■ Atterisee
* The normal skill [Roll Roll Roll!] will now include a 30% DEF reduction effect.
* The normal skill [Roll Roll Roll!] will be improved to work more accurately.

■ Veleno
* The signature skill [Metastases of Poisoning] will be adjusted to move slightly backward when used.

■ Rani
* The damage of the Strong Attack, [Midday Beam] will increase by around 25%. 

■ Andrei
* The skill range of [Blazing Pillar] will increase by around 25%. (For Fate 4 Andrei, it will increase by around 20% more than previously). 
* The signature extend skill [Burn] will now inflict a ‘Burn’ DoT for 3 sec. 

■ Yanko
* The skill [Complete the Bond] will now pierce enemies (up to 2 times) when Yanko reaches Fate Level 4.

■ Eliyar
* The signature skill [Reindeer Strong Bow] has been adjusted to allow for a quicker follow-up attack.
- Normal Skill [Consecutive Strike]: (Before) 1.93 sec. -> (After) 1.35 sec.
- Strong Attack [Fine Sight]: (Before) 0.5 sec. -> (After) 0.4 sec.
- Normal Skill [Throwing Trap]: (Before) 1.3sec. -> (After) 0.9 sec.

■ Nayan
* The health-based recovery value of Nayan will be changed to include the effects of cooking and Tower of Trials buffs. 
* The health based damage and health based heals of Nayan will be changed to be based on her current maximum HP, which can change based on buffs and debuffs, instead of the base maximum HP. 

■ Nec
* The Abyssal Eye effect of Nec’s Signature Weapon [Misplaced Love] will be changed to also apply to HP-based damage. 
* The summon, Roderick, will be modified so that the [Abyssal Eye] effect from the [Misplaced Love] weapon will apply to it.

■ Option Balancing
* The existing “Guard Rate (%)” option will be replaced with “Absolute Defense (%)’.
- The existing “Guard Rate” effect will be retained, reducing stamina consumption and increasing the amount of Veda’s Energy restored when guarding. (This effect has a cap of 80%).
- While guarding, the amount of stamina consumed will be reduced by the “Absolute Defense” value, and the amount of Veda’s Energy restored will increase.
- [Minimum Defense] guarantees that your minimum defense is equal to a percentage of your [Absolute Defense], and will apply from any damaging threat, even when you are not guarding.
- It remains effective above the maximum [Guard Rate] value of 80%, but its efficiency gradually decreases near this threshold.

* Improvements will be made to allow the “Damage over Time (%)” option to be obtained when enchanting with 3★ Galaxy Scrolls and 4★ Celestial Scrolls.
* ‘DoT(%)’ option has been improved to increase the damage amount according to a character’s level.

* New options have been added.
- Bleed DMG(%) : Can be obtained by crafting Blood attribute gems.
- Burn DMG(%) : Can be obtained by crafting Fire attribute gems.
- Shock DMG(%) : Can be obtained by crafting lightning attribute gems.
- Poison DMG(%) : Can be obtained by crafting poison attribute gems
: These options will have higher base values than the “Damage over Time (%)” option.

* ‘Reduce Incoming Wound Rate(%)’ option will be improved so it can be increased to 36%

* ‘ATK Bonus(%)’ option will be improved to apply to both “Attack Power” and “Attribute Attack Power”.

■ Bug Fixes
* Fixed an issue with the ‘Ruthless Intruder’ set 4-piece bonus where it applied 13% Veda Energy instead of 13.  
* An issue will be fixed where skill levels were correctly applied only up until level 11, and skill levels beyond this would have lower values than displayed. 
* An issue where guild chat would not send correctly if the message was too long will be fixed. 
* The issue where the preview stats of a tunic ascension would display as the current tunic level has been fixed. 
* An issue where the Hero’s Shoes shortcut key “Q” would close the Veda’s Return popup will be rectified. 
* An issue where attempting to match with other players without first completing the first adventure stage would show incorrect numbers has been fixed. 
* The Call of the Stars animation that incorrectly played when collecting crafted weapons will be fixed. 
* When previewing ascensions for Knights, equipment and Tunics at level 90 will now display the correct materials.
* An issue where the item “Weights of Ambition” would show as an available item for Adventure Level 3 ‘Luminous Hall of Nightmares’ will be fixed.
* The issue where the “Steps of the Journey” item had a “Use” button in the inventory will be fixed.
* In the achievements window, the ‘Jack of All Trades Vol. 2” achievement icon was showing incorrectly. This will be fixed. 

We hope this update will bring you more exciting adventures in Planis.

Thank you


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