Sword of Waves Ellen Farrell Character Promo

Sword of Waves Ellen Farrell Character Promo

The fourth Call of the Stars happens after the May 16, 2024 update! Ellen Farrell is a Water type DPS with a Greatsword Signature Weapon Wave of Life! The banner will last until June 13, 2024. Check out the character introduction and short trailer below.

Character Introduction

"I am responsible for lives"

A boy who had learned the weight of life at a young age hated his weakness. Not wanting to lose innocent lives in vain, all he could do was try. As always, he will continue to put his all into betterment, however slight. After all, even the weak can become strong and protect those weaker than themselves…

A Boy Knight wielding the Training Sword of Life

"Ellen Farrell" is a Water-type melee DPS with a greatsword. He uses his long reach and attacks to gain the "Wave" buff and consumes stacks of "Wave" for powerful attacks. His Normal Skill, "Training Sword of Life", allows him to leap at enemies and bring down his greatsword, then unleash a fan-shaped blast of water energy to keep both melee and ranged enemies at bay. His Signature Skill, "Sword of Waves", unleashes accumulated "Wave" stacks at once for a devastating DMG

Signature Weapon: Wave of Life

A sword that reminds us of the preciousness of life.

It is deeply embedded with a crystal forged from the last tears of a dying life. Understanding the weight of life, it shines brightest in defense of the weak



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