5/16 Update Details


Masters of the Book, 

A new update to ASTRA: Knights of Veda will be released on May 16, 2024! Read below to find out more about what this update will bring to the game. 


■ Update

-  New 5★ Knight of Veda, ‘Ellen Farrell’ will be available.


"I am responsible for lives"

A boy who had learned the weight of life at a young age hated his weakness. Not wanting to lose innocent lives in vain, all he could do was try. As always, he will continue to put his all into betterment, however slight. After all, even the weak can become strong and protect those weaker than themselves…


    · "Ellen Farrell" is a Water-type melee DPS with a greatsword. He uses his long reach and attacks to gain the "Wave" buff and consumes stacks of "Wave" for powerful attacks. His Normal Skill, "Training Sword of Life", allows him to leap at enemies and bring down his greatsword, then unleash a fan-shaped blast of water energy to keep both melee and ranged enemies at bay. His Signature Skill, "Sword of Waves", unleashes accumulated "Wave" stacks at once for a devastating DMG


- A new Hero’s Mission, ‘Tangled Secrets’ has been added. 


An unexplained kidnapping case has occurred in Todburg. Suspecting the beast "Aurora" as the culprit, self-proclaimed detective Belle sets out with the Master of the Book to investigate.


In a desolate mine, haunted by a strange howling. The crime scene is filled with a strange energy. Just then, a completely unexpected truth unfolds before the Master of the Book...

    · The new Hero Mission, ‘Tangled Secrets’, will allow Masters of the Book to progress through the story of the Knight of Veda, ‘Aurora’.

    · ‘Tangled Secrets’ can be obtained through Lionel after clearing Adventure Stage 5-6, and completing the Forgotten Mine World Mission. 


 - New features will be added for co-op mode. 

   · A ‘Quick Invite’ feature will be added, which will allow players to quickly invite their previous team mates to another co-op adventure. 

   · A matchmaking feature will be added, allowing players to quickly join other Masters of the Book for battle. 

 - The ability to break down higher-level Skill and Ascension materials into lower-grade materials will be added. 

   · You can choose to disassemble items in the inventory, making it easier to secure the desired materials. 

 - A double item drop event will be added to the game. 

   · Stages that fall under the ‘Adventure’ tab in the Adventure Guide will have double rewards (up to a certain limit). 

   · This event will run until May 30th, 2024 before the regular maintenance. 

 - For a limited time, the ‘Drink Cool Lime with Belle Snow’ event will run, which includes new recipes to create. 

   · Everyone can participate in the  ‘Drink Cool Lime with Belle Snow’ event as there are no Master of the Book level requirements.

   · During the event, you can create ‘Cool Lime Smoothie’ and ‘Cool Lime Ade’ by using ‘Herbs’, ‘Water,’ and ‘Sugar’ obtained through stages, and ‘Lime’ which is available from the cooking shop in limited quantities.

   · The ‘Drink Cool Lime with Belle Snow’ event will run until June 13, 2024 regular maintenance. 

 - A new Reward Decree begins.

   ·  The new reward decree will begin immediately after the May 16 Update, and will conclude until 06:00 UTC on June 25. 

 - ‘Journey in Memory(Ellen Farell Experience)’ event will be available.

   · In this event, you can experience the newest Knight of Veda, 5★ Ellen Farell, along with 4★ Yanko and 4★ Rani.   

- The ‘Warm May’ attendance reward event will begin. 

   · Login over 7 days and you will receive various rewards. 

   · The ‘Warm May’ attendance event will run until May 30th, 2024 maintenance. 

 - The special mission event, ‘Adventure with Luck’ will begin.

   · Over 7 days, you’ll be given special missions to earn various rewards

   · The ‘Adventure with Luck’ event will run until the May 30th, 2024 regular maintenance. 


■ Improvements

 - 'Elemental RES' will now affect 'Reflected Damage'

   · When your opponent's Resistance is activated, Reflected Damage rate will be decreased so you will take less reflected damage.

   · The 'Reflected Damage' you take will be affected by your 'Elemental RES'

   · Reflected Damage' will now be counted as Elemental Damage, and together will affect 'Resistance' activation.

   · When 'Resistance' is active, it will no longer reflect 'Reflected Damage' back to the opponent.

   · After 'Resistance' has been activated, 'Damage Reflection' effect will not activate for 1 sec.

   · The in-game balance will be adjusted as follows:

     · When the Signature Skill of the Knight of Veda Albert, 'The Roar of the Golden Lion' has been activated, the 'Lion’s Blessing' Damage reflection rate of the summoned Lion Statue will increase from 50% to 100%. (100% to 200% at 6 fate level)

     · Damage Reflection rate of the Relic set Sculptor of Despair(4-set effect), will increase from 120% to 250%.

 - The ‘Goddess’ Arrangement’ and ‘Challenge Prayers’ on floors 7 and 8 of the Tower of Trials will have their cooldown times changed. 

   · On the 7th Floor of the Tower of Trials, the Goddess’s Arrangement will change from “Hitting an enemy increases ATK by +10% and Decreases DEF by 10%” with a 10 second cooldown, to “Hitting an enemy increases ATK by +10% and Decreases DEF by 10%” with a 20 second cooldown.

   · On the 8th Floor of the Tower of Trials, the Goddess’s Arrangement will change from “Additionally increases CRIT Chance +15% for 15 sec upon using a Signature Skill. (This effect can be triggered once every 15 sec)” to “Additionally increases CRIT Chance +15% for 15 sec upon using a Signature Skill. (This effect can be triggered once every 30 sec). 

   · The “Challenge Prayer” buff will change from “Increasing damage on Dodge for 15 seconds with a cooldown of 20 seconds, to a cooldown of 35 seconds. 

 - For effects with a duration, such as Relic 4-set effects and Weapon effects, the duration will now be included in the ‘cooldown time’. 

 - The cooldown time of certain Relic 4-set effects will be removed or adjusted. 

   · Cooldown Time Removed

     · Eternal Graveyard Set

     · Swift Messenger Set

     · Legendary Oceanographer Set

     · Last Royal of Stormhold Set

     · Silent Slave Set

   · Cooldown Time Adjusted

     · Wanderer of Repentance Set

     · The cooldown time of the 4 second duration buff effect will be adjusted from 8 seconds to 9 seconds (due to improvements in the cooldown mechanics, the actual duration will decrease from 12 seconds to 9 seconds.) 

 - The reset times for certain in-game content will be changed. Please refer to the separate notice for more details. (link)

 - To enhance the readability of attribute images, each attribute icon will be resized. 

 - The most recent login platform will now be more easily recognizable when you login. 


■ Bug Fixes

 - An issue will be fixed where the Knight of Veda ‘Eliyar’ had her signature skill, “Reindeer Strong Bow’s” damage and bleed damage scale on her basic attack level and not her Signature Skill Level.  

 -  The issue where the Wanderer of Repentance Relic 4-set effect “100% reduction in Veda’s Energy Consumption” was activating without the prerequisite “After using the Signature Skill” will be fixed. 

 - The issue where the Skill Cut-ins would still display in stages even after they were turned off in the Settings > Other > Activate Display of Signature Skill cut-in(s) will be fixed.  

 - The issue where when switching channels, the screen moving forward to Himmith will be fixed. 

 - The intermittent issue where Relic set images were not displayed in the Relic filter will be fixed.  

 - An issue will be fixed where the Story dungeon for Chapter 5 stages 1 and 2 were outputting as normal dungeons to party members. 

 - An issue will be fixed where certain item information popups were truncated on certain mobile devices.

 - An issue will be fixed where the UI would disappear when entering and exiting the store via item navigation. 

 - An issue will be fixed where when registering and unregistering a leveled up Relic would continue to show the EXP gained by consuming the Relic. 

 - The issue where achievement completion notifications would be displayed even after completing all achievements in a category will be fixed. 


Thank you for continuing to show your support for ASTRA: Knights of Veda. 


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