Notice Regarding Some Knights of Veda Performing Differently from Original Specifications


Masters of the Book,


After the update maintenance on Thursday, May 30th, we identified an issue where the performance of the Knights of Veda was not functioning as intended.


This issue was found to be due to an error by the developers during the balance adjustment process for the Knights of Veda, which was meant to be included in the Thursday, June 13th update. We plan to thoroughly review and readjust the performance to its original state.


The development team is preparing balance adjustments for the Knights of Veda to ensure that you can enjoy ASTRA: Knights of Veda even more. Details of these adjustments will be provided separately in the update patch notes to be released with the June 13th 'War God's Battlefield' update.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused while using the game. We will carefully review the details and the schedule for the corrections and provide further announcements.


Thank you

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