Nec Signature Weapon + Saving Saint Effect Details


Masters of the Book,


Previously announced, we have updates regarding the exclusive weapon 'Misplaced Love' for 'Nec' and the relic 'Saving Saint'. 


The identified issues are scheduled to be corrected during the update maintenance on June 13th 


1. Nec’s Signature Weapon ‘Misplaced Love’


We would like to inform you about the issues identified with Nec’s Signature Weapon, Misplaced Love. 

First, we confirmed an issue where the HP increase effect of ‘Misplaced Love’ was not being applied to the damage of Nec’s Strong Attack, “Spirit’s Touch”; and the normal skill, “Witch’s Seduction’s” projectiles. 

To address this, we will be modifying the system so that the life increase effect of the “Misplaced Love” weapon will apply to the life-based damage of both “Spirit’s Touch” and “Witch’s Seduction”


Secondly, we also confirmed that the life increase and attack increase effects of “Misplaced Love” were not being applied to her summon, “Roderick”.

This will be fixed by making changes so that the effects of her signature weapon will apply directly to both Nec and Roderick. 


As a result of these changes, the descriptions of Nec’s skills will also be updated. 


- The description will be updated to reflect that the effects of Nec’s signature weapon will apply directly to the summon Roderick. 

- The description of Roderick’s HP will be updated based on his “base HP” rather than based on Nec’s HP. 


2. Saving Saint Relic Set Effect

After the update introducing the Knight of Veda 'Nec', you've had many questions regarding the relic set 'Saving Saint' and how it works. Here's a detailed explanation regarding the most frequently asked questions.


Q: The 'Saving Saint' four-set effect does not apply to Nec's summon, Roderick. Why is that?

A: The 'Saving Saint' four-set effect, which increases all damage for a certain period after using a basic skill, only applies to the Knight of Veda who casts it and not to summons. This is true for Nec's summon Roderick as well as Sansar's summon Narni.


Additionally, Nec’s normal skill 'Bansch’s Dance' creates mind crystals. The buff effects granted at the creation of these crystals remain until the skill disappears. Therefore, even after the effect ends, the damage done by the mind crystals does not decrease.

3. Additional Issues


We would like to inform you about additional issues that were identified during the process of reviewing the issues. 


- It was confirmed that the effects of dishes and the Tower of Trials buffs are not being added correctly to all the Knights of Veda’s “Base HP.” This issue will be fixed.

- We also confirmed that Roderick’s skill, “Darkness Retribution” was not applying the increased values when the skill was leveled. This issue will also be fixed soon. 


We apologize to Masters of the Book for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we’ll be sending an additional 500 Starstones during the June 13th maintenance.

We’ll do our best to avoid these issues in the future


Thank you

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