‘Black Mutation’ Event Notice Details

Master of the Book,

A mysterious black energy rises from the ground and begins to engulf the Adventure Zones.

Fight in the Black Mutation Zones the black energy creates and earn Mutation Trophy Rewards for participating.

■ Event Period
* June 13, 2024 After the Maintenance ~ July 11, 2024 Maintenance

■ Event Details
* During the 'Black Mutation' event period, one specific Adventure Chapter will be transformed by black energy every 4 days.
* You will need to select up to 4 Knights of Veda in the affected stages, and the selected Knights of Veda participate in the battle at the same time.
* You can only control a single Knight of Veda, the rest will be automatically controlled.
* The number of Adventurer's Shoes consumed when receiving the reward is reduced by half in mutated stages, and you can obtain exclusive Black Mutation Trophy rewards.

■ How to Participate
* Clear stages 2-12 and the 12th stage of each Chapter.
 - If you do not clear stage 12 of the Chapter being transformed, Black Mutation will not proceed. If you clear stage 12 before the area changes to a new mutation area, Black Mutation will occur.

■ Notes
* Mutated Stages cannot be accessed via Co-Op Mode.
* Mutation Trophy Rewards not claimed within the event period will be lost.
* For more details regarding the event, you can check the <Event Policy> page.

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