Advance Notice for Retroactive Changes Being Applied to the ‘Trials of the Goddess’ Mission Count


Masters of the Book,


Currently there is an issue with the 'Trial of the Goddess' mission in Finar's Reward Decree, which began with the May 16th update.


To complete the 'Trial of the Goddess' mission, you need to achieve 12 challenge goals in the Tower of Trials. If you have fewer than 12 trophies left due to your previous progress, you won't be able to complete this mission until the new Tower of Trials season starts in two weeks.


We understand this inconvenience and will address it in the next maintenance.


- Affected users: Masters of the Book with fewer than 12 trophies left as of May 16th.

- Action: We'll add counts to the 'Trial of the Goddess' mission.

- Schedule: During maintenance on May 23rd


This issue arose because the Tower of Trials and Reward Decree seasons don't align, affecting those who have cleared the Tower of Trials with more than 96 total trophies.


Thank you for your understanding.

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