Post-FGBT Improvements

Hello, I am ASTRA: Knight of Veda’s Director, Youngmo Kim. 

First I’d like to take another opportunity to thank you all for participating in the First Global Beta Test, and for giving us all your feedback and thoughts about ASTRA: Knights of Veda. Each and every one of your voices has been a source of encouragement and inspiration for us as we continue to build on ASTRA: Knights of Veda. 

As a team, we are still reviewing the survey results from the beta, as well as taking a look through feedback and comments left in the community, on social media as well as all the other places you left your feedback. We’re taking a closer look on what we think the future of ASTRA: Knights of Veda should be. 

As well as all the praise and excitement we’ve seen for the full release of the game, we’ve also seen a lot of feedback regarding improvements, and we have been carefully listening to these requests to figure out how to best implement them. 
We will work hard to deliver to your expectations, and improve the areas that are felt lacking. 



We’re making significant improvements to the action controls. 
While we’re sticking with the core values that ASTRA: Knights of Veda should be fun to fight and dodge with simple controls, we want to make sure that you can move more freely, and get clear feedback on your inputs. 
To accomplish this, we’re making improvements across the board in combat, from movement speed, targeting rules, damage output, skill cooldowns and dodging. 

Make dungeons more enjoyable
We want to reduce the repetition of monotonous patterns in Dungeons, and also eliminate unpleasant experiences like being attacked by non-visible enemies.
We’ll also minimize the camera zooming in when the camera is focused on the battlefield, and improve fatigue inducing camera shake effects. 

Early game experience 
We’re working on trimming some of the unneccessary sections of the tutorial, allowing you to get into the main content quicker. 
We also aim to make all of our characters more complete, ensuring that no matter who you play as, you’ll be able to experience the core aspects of the game.

Make sure that the story we’re telling is presented in the best way. 
We’re looking to improve cutscenes which could be frustratingly slow paced. We’re also adding more options for people who want to focus on gameplay first, and save the story for a later time. 
Lastly, we’re working hard to make sure that the second half of the story matches your expectations, and that you’ll be satisfied with the story we’re telling! 

Combat Balance
We will further refine character balance. We acknowledge that some characters had overly efficient abilities. While balancing characters against each other, we aim to preserve their unique traits to promote diverse character combinations.
We’ll also be improving monster stats, AI and completely revisiting monster placement and grouping to provide a more enjoyable and fast paced experience. 

More Feedback from our Testers
We’re looking to expand party play to include not only Adventure mode, but also Nightmare Dungeons, Sealed Prisons and more. 
For mobile players, we’re also reworking the UI to increase the size of text and buttons and adjusting their placement for a better mobile gaming experience.
We will focus on optimizing the game for better performance on various devices.
For those who wish to play with controllers, we’re making sure that everything can be done through the controller, and we’re also working on ensuring full compatibility with the Steam Deck.
There will also be an increase to the number of languages available from 4 to 13, and we’ll be improving the quality of the voice acting for three languages (Korean, English and Japanese). 

Finally, as a Director, I’m torn about supporting auto-play functions, which many have requested. 
I’m personally concerned that supporting auto-play will take away from the fun of manual controls, but I do understand the desire for auto-play. 
This is a difficult decision to make, and we’ll be taking more time to decide on a correct course of action so that we don’t rush into a decision.



It’s fall here in Korea, which means it is harvest season! 
This fall, the development team will be working hard on ASTRA: Knights of Veda, to make sure that we fulfill your expectations. 

Thank You. 

Director Youngmo Kim

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