[May] Known Issues


Masters of the Book! 


We would like to inform you about ongoing known issues that are currently affecting gameplay.


Our development team is working hard to identify the root causes and implement necessary fixes as swiftly as possible, ensuring a better gaming experience for all.


Should any issues be resolved or further instructions be required, we will provide updates through patch notes or through this notice so make sure to check back for updates.


■ UI

 - Guild applications that have expired do not disappear from the Guild Applications list. 

 - When idling in Todburg for extended periods of time, other user nicknames may not appear. 

 - When there are many users in Todburg, the [User Information] button will display abnormally. 

 - The recommended friends list may duplicate entries in certain situations. 


■ System 

 - There is an intermittent issue where push notifications are not received.

 - [AOS] An issue where notifications are received regardless of the in-game notification settings has been discovered.  

 - A problem has been identified when entering the [Settings - Account - Account Center].

   · If the problem occurs, please access the following links to reach the account page. 

     ※ Account Center: https://account.hybeim.com/en/

 - There is an intermittent issue where the Steam account login connection is lost when accessing the Steam version of the game. 


We apologize for any inconvenience experienced during gameplay. We are committed to making every effort to enhance your enjoyment of the game.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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