Drink Cool Lime with Belle Snow Event 


Masters of the Book,


A cool drink is what every great Adventure needs, and we’ve prepared a few drinks for you to sip on as you’re busy taking down the Undead.

Made with the finest limes imported by Lillian, try our Cool Limeade and Cool Lime Smoothies to strengthen your resolve on the difficult road ahead.


■ Event Period

- May 16, 2024 After the Maintenance - June 13 Maintenance


■ Event Details

- During the event period, you can create the Cool Limeade and Cool Lime Smoothie through the Guidance of the Book Page under the “Drink Cool Lime with Belle Snow” event banner.

Event Drink Target characters Effects
Cool Limeade DPS type Knights of Veda Increase DMG +15%
Crit Damage +25%
Cool Lime Smoothies All Knights of Veda Incoming DMG -10%
Cooldown Time Reduction +25% 

■ Notes

- The event Cool Limeade and Cool Lime Smoothies can only be made during the event period, however crafted drinks can still be used once the event ends.

- In order to craft the recipes, you must purchase the Limes for the Cooking Shop in Todburg(Lillian).

- The purchase limit for lime resets weekly, and you can purchase up to 60 per week.

- Any unused Limes after the event ends can be dismantled from your inventory for Gold.


We hope that you enjoy the Cool Lime on your adventures!


Thank you


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