Director’s First Update on Future Plans Pt. 1


Hello, Masters of the Book. I'm Youngmo Kim.

Entering the third week following the launch of ASTRA: Knights of Veda on April 2nd, I want to emphasize that delivering excellent content and service remains our utmost priority. Despite our efforts, both the development team and our publishers HYBE IM acknowledge there have been shortcomings, particularly in addressing user inconveniences and our communication.

We are committed to attentively listening to every piece of feedback provided by our players on Discord and other community platforms. While we wish to respond to everyone's feedback individually, some responses and decisions require more time, and we apologize for any delays in communication.

We apologize for the recent update that decreased the efficiency of the ignore-defense option and reduced the capabilities of Capecchi. We understand this has caused significant frustration for users who invested time and resources into developing their characters. In a game where collecting characters is key, it is our responsibility to ensure thorough testing, and we regret that we fell short.

We will issue further details on the adjustments to character balance, options, and stats through an additional developer's note this week. Unlike previous practices, we will provide these details well in advance of the next update, ensuring there's ample time for community feedback. 

An upcoming developer note will also address the heavily discussed topic of the Character rate-up events, and the potential improvements we can make to them. 

Additionally, the upcoming developer's note will address the frequently discussed topics of the 50/50 system on the Event Call of the Stars and potential improvements we can make to it.

Actions speak louder than words. We are committed to addressing the areas of discomfort you've experienced and will continue to make visible improvements, even if progress seems slow at times. We promise to do our utmost with all the resources at our disposal.

This coming update on April 25th will focus on implementing changes based on the continuous feedback we've received. We are always doing our best to improve your experience with each update we roll out.

The maximum number of shoes will be increased from 160 to 240, and the recharge time for one shoe will be reduced from 8 minutes to 6 minutes. The support Knights will also be modified, bringing the level range from -5 to +2 up to -5 to +5. 
We also intend to make some changes to Veleno, the Knight of Veda added last week. 

● Regular attacks and signature skills will be modified so she doesn’t track backwards. 
● The projectile range of Veleno’s strong attack will increase by 33%. 
● Veleno’s Strong attack will penetrate one target when charged to the second stage. 
● During Auto-battle, the Knight of Veda 'Veleno' will maintain a certain distance from the target and use normal skills.
Furthermore, the baseline value for DoT damage will increase by a factor of 2.33 compared to its previous value (Example: 9%>21%). 
Additionally, there are a lot of things that we can improve on, such as the shortcomings of the party system, lack of content, insufficient on-time rewards and the lack of events. We want to make corrections and improvements as quickly as possible, but we will prioritize the most important issues and then work through everything sequentially. 
We’re working hard to prepare announcements of major content updates that we have planned for the future, and once we’re ready, we will make sure to announce it without hesitation. 

Once again, I apologize for the shortcomings of ASTRA: Knights of Veda so far, and we want to ensure that we can live up to your enthusiasm for the game. 
Thank you

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