Developer Update Part 3


Masters of the Book,

This is Flint’s development team for ASTRA: Knights of Veda.

As winter fades and a new season approaches, we're thrilled to share the forthcoming launch date for "ASTRA: Knights of Veda."

We sincerely appreciate the patience and excitement that all of you who are eagerly anticipating the game's release have shown. Today, we're here to update you on the final development strides, particularly regarding improvements to the economic system and rewards.

Enhanced Farming Location Information

In "ASTRA: Knights of Veda," materials required for improving your characters and weapons are crucial for progress. As these items are scattered across the lands of Planis, we've prioritized making this information more accessible.

Through the ‘Adventure Guide’, you can now easily see drop information for all areas. Clicking on any item in the Adventure Guide will take you to the stages you can get them, streamlining your farming experience. 

We've also refined the routes to align with character progression, ensuring a smoother and more engaging leveling experience. Adjustments to the drop rates and quantities of key items aim to minimize grinding stress, offering multiple ways to obtain materials. This flexibility allows for a tailored farming strategy based on your character's current development stage.



Material Acquisition Through Event Dungeons


In addition to regular adventures, you can acquire various materials through event dungeons that occur frequently in the Adventure Zone.

Gold can be acquired through the Calydon dungeon, and ores can be obtained through the mine dungeon.

Make sure to check these event dungeons out, as we work on preparing even more event dungeons for you to explore in the future.  




Material Acquisition Through Various Missions

There has been a lot of feedback that the rewards for missions are insufficient and the types of rewards are the same, making the choice meaningless.

In response, we've diversified the rewards for different types of missions and increased the quantities so that players can choose missions based on the materials they need.




Multiple Ways to Earn Starstones

In "ASTRA: Knights of Veda," Starstones are a very important resource for acquiring characters and equipment. 

The feedback was that the first clear rewards for adventure dungeons were insufficient. In response, we’ve placed Starstones as rewards for clearing a stage for the first time and Starstones can also be earned by collecting trophies from adventure dungeons.

You can also earn Starstones by completing a variety of achievements.




Increased Drop Rate for Relics and Addition of Relic Enhancement Materials

We recognized that it was difficult for players to collect and enhance relics, one of the key items in "ASTRA: Knights of Veda," due to their low drop rates. To improve this aspect of the game, we've boosted the drop rates of relics and added specialized enhancement materials, simplifying the process of setting up their relics. Additionally, we've converted essential materials from random drops to guaranteed drops, allowing players to plan their farming strategies more effectively.



Implementing Auto-Play

The "ASTRA: Knights of Veda" development team has made a pivotal enhancement based on comprehensive testing: the integration of auto-play. This addition aims to streamline game access and alleviate the tedium of repetitive farming, ensuring that gameplay remains engaging without compromising its depth. Auto-play manages the routine combat activities, but players will need to thoughtfully engage in character selection and timely dodging to navigate the challenges effectively.

While auto-play simplifies routine battles, strategic manual control remains essential for navigating the game's more challenging content, such as Nightmare Dungeons and Sealed Prisons, ensuring that the thrill of hands-on gameplay is preserved. This feature significantly reduces grind fatigue, allowing players to enjoy the rich storyline and diverse content more comfortably.

Note that the Arena, a core aspect of "ASTRA: Knights of Veda's" action-oriented gameplay, will continue to require manual control to maintain fairness and the integrity of competitive play.

Since the last FGBT, we've listened to quite a bit of feedback and made improvements accordingly, and now we're just waiting for you to see it for the first time.

"ASTRA: Knights of Veda" is a celebration of the 10th anniversary of "Dragon Blaze," marking it as a milestone project filled with enthusiasm and dedication from the development team. We have poured our hearts into crafting a game that lives up to your expectations and garners your continued support.

We’re incredibly excited to welcome you to the lands of Planis on April 2, 2024! We hope that the game brings you as much joy as we’ve had crafting it over the years. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Warm regards,

The "ASTRA: Knights of Veda" Development Team and Kim Youngmo

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