Accounts Restricted due to Operation Policy Violations (May 14)


Masters of the Book, 


As you know, we are constantly monitoring accounts that are playing ASTRA: Knights of Veda in ways that are abnormal. 


In order to protect the integrity of the gameplay experience, we have taken measures to restrict access to the game in accordance with our operational policy. 


■ Notice of Restricted Accounts

 - Restriction Date: May 13, 2024

 - Reasons for Restrictions: Exploiting Payment Services

 - Restriction Period: Temporary game access restrictions until unfair gains are recovered. 

 - Affected Accounts: A total of 284 accounts


 - Investigation Period: May 8, 2024 - May 14, 2024

 - Reasons for Restriction: Data Manipulation / Hacking

 - Restriction Period: Permanent game access restrictions

 - Affected Accounts: A total of 59 accounts. 


 ※ For more detailed information on our operational policies, Click Here

 ※ Game access restrictions are applied to the account. When permanent game access restrictions are applied, access to the game on all servers is permanently restricted.

 ※ Appeals can be submitted to customer service 1:1 Inquiry within 15 days of the restrictions being placed. 


Thank you

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